Patagonia Without Dams

In February of 2010, Bridget participated in an International League of Conservation Photographers RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition) with three other conservation photographers. Together they spent three weeks in the Aysen region of Chile creating imagery to raise awareness about the region of Chilean Patagonia that would be affected if five hydropower dams are to be created on the Baker and Pascua Rivers; two of the wildest rivers in the world.

Completion of these dams would submerge nearly 15,000 acres of Patagonia’s wild lands and would result in the construction of 200-foot tall transmission lines through a clear cut 400-feet wide for 1,500 miles through 64 communities and 14 protected araeas. The transmission lines would provide incentive to build more dams between Patagonia and Santiago.

Bridget’s part of the project was to document the “people” side of the story as told through images of daily life in this remote, wild place—a way of life that will certainly change if these dams and all the infrastructure required to build them becomes a reality. So far, her images have been used in a National Geographic Daily News online picture story on this issue, in several international exhibits produced by ILCP and as an exhibit at the Patagonia (clothing company) sponsored Adventure Film Festival and in Patagonia store displays.

Learn more about the threat of hydrodams in Patagonia

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